Awesome Guppies!!!

Every Thing You Need to Know About Them!!!

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Videos and Pictures!!!

One above is of guppiesĀ mating!

Above is of guppies give birth!

The Following are Pictures




6 Responses to “Videos and Pictures!!!”

  1. Sweet

  2. i left u an invite on youtube im randomcholo

  3. Wow, very cool. Can you please tell me if guppies are prettier when you breed them? Please don’t use the below email. Also please, do guppies get lonely? I have only one right now.

  4. Sorry, one more thing… my guppy is blue and appears very happy. But he is a pretty dull blue. If I bred him with a female… would their babies be brighter and prettier? Thx.

  5. guppy143 said

    i bred my male guppy with a female then one of the guppy was in a bright blue color

  6. Giobel said

    Is this albino full red Moscow?

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