Guppies can vary in many different ways!!! One way would be their shape of tails. The diagram shown

shows different shapes of their tails.


Texedos kinds

German Yellow-tailed Tuxedo

German Yellow-tailed Tuxedo Ribbon

German Yellow-tailed Tuxedo Ribbon Albino

German Yellow-tailed Tuxedo

Golden German Yellow-tailed Tuxedo

Plantium German Yellow-tailed Tuxedo Ribbon

White-tailed Tuxedo Albino

Fullgold Yellow-tailed Tuxedo

Blue-tailed Tuxedo Albino

Blue-tailed Tuxedo Ribbon Albino (Super White)

Red-tailed Tuxedo

Red-tailed Tuxedo Albino

Red-tailed Tuxedo Albino

Pink Tuxedo

Black-tailed Tuxedo

Blue-tailed Tuxedo Swallow

Sky Blue-tailed Tuxedo

Blue-tailed Tuxedo Ribbon Albino

Blue-tailed Tuxedo Swallow Albino

Blue-tailed Tuxedo Albino

These are Types of Guppies!!!


The albino guppy is a color form (or lack thereof) that is either loved or hated. An  albino guppy is not truly devoid of color. As in all true albinos, this iris of the eye is red.


 This is an Albino Guppy!

Pink Flamingo Guppy!

The pink flamingo guppy is very similar in appearance to the albino guppy The pink flamingo has pigmentation. This characterized by the black in the eyes as well as the black variegation i the tail.
Further augmenting this guppy’s features is a nice flowing delta tail. The pink flamingo, with its stunning red features on a cream body, is a very pleasant looking fish!

Solids!                                 This Is a PInk Flamingo

It is hard to find guppies with true solid coloration throughout their entire body such as the case with bettas. Instead what you will find is a fish that has a body and tail color  that is predonminantly the same. Often you will find that solids will still have scales outlined in black while the fish’s hue shines through. The tail is generally more solid than the body, though it can have strands of black or another color. Solid colorations can inlude: blue, black, yellow, red, and most stunning, the green.

                      This is a Solid!


Essentially a half-color guppy that has two separate colors; the tail is one color while the body is another. Actually, however, this is not completely true. The half colors you see often have a tail that is of one solid coloration while the body is mixed coloration of which one color is predoninant. Additionally, you will see that in the half-colors the dorsal fin will be solid and the same color as the tail fin.

 This is a Half Black and Blue Guppy

English Lace!

An  English lace guppy is usually a guppy with a solid colored body with a symmetrical dotted pattern through the tail. More often then not, English lace guppy is of the blue variety . It’s body is usually black or dark blue, maybe even white with a blue hue, while the tail is variegated(having discrete markings of different colors) with speckles of orange, blue and/or white.

This is an Albino English Lace!


Why they refer to this type of guppy as a snakeskin, we haven’t figured out yet. While it does have a distinct body pattern, which snake it mimics is still a mystery. Nevertheless this guppy type is one of the extreme popularity in the hobby. There are  various color forms available in the snakeskin guppy. The most prevalent are the yellow, red, blue, and green. For some reason I find all of the guppies of the green variety the most pleasing. Unlike the English lace variety the markings on the tail of a snakeskin are completely asymmetrical. So too, with the body. You  will often find in the snakeskin that there are traces of red and silver through out the body. The markings, though, are not random, appearing as irregular blotches or spots  as with many of the wild varieties of guppies. Moreso, you have an almost psychedelic pattern weaving its way across the fish’s body. This pattern can be presents on the fish’s body along with a solid tail. Otherwise the pattern can proliferate itself throughout the entire body.This is an Example of a Snake Skin Guppy!


As it might sound the jadehead is a guppy variety with a jade-colored(dark green) head. The Posterior of the jadehead is black through to the base if the  caudal(tail) fin. The tail fin is green with a snakeskin pattern. Proper  breeding  of a jadehead can turn out quite majestic looking fish.

 This Is a Jadeheaad

Green cobra

Obviously this is going to a green guppy. a good green Cobra will have an emerald  green body and a tail that is variegrated with a yellow tint.                                                     

 This Is a Green Cobra

Spanish Dancer

Also Referred to as a Spanish skirt, this variety of guppy is particularly distinguished by its tail. While the body color is somewhat nondescript, the tail can be said  to be  similar  to the flashy Spanish dresses worn by flamenco dancers. in semicircles of alternating strips of orange and blue , the tail if of the Spanish dancer highlights  itself among any other guppy variety.

 This is a Spanish Dancer


Variegated Guppy!

This term could be relegated to almost any guppy not falling into a particular category. Giving the vast differentiations possible within the guppy, it is certainly possible to throw an oddball out there. When this oddball guppy has its traits fixed via sunsequent propagation it earns itself a specific name designation.

 This is a variegrated guppy.


41 thoughts on “Varieties/Species!!!

  1. i am looking for an identification of a guppy i have i looked at your pics of tail shapes and my fish looks like a bottom sword but instead of being pointed its rounded aand looks like a feather my phone number is 2674563519 and my name is karen if u could help me i would appreacate it thank you

    1. I have a similar guppy (it’s a female by the way) and I think that they might be a hybrid; between the bottom sword variety, and some other sort (either a fan tailor delta tail). Thanks!

  2. do I have to have a blue variegated male and female to make variegated fry, or do I need just variegated males and any other color females?

    1. You can have almost any kind of femqle as long as the female isnt purely black. The reason being is that black would be dominant over blue. It can have a black tail bit he whole thint cant be black. But otherwise you can have any female.

  3. But if I use other colored females with a variegated blue male would I come out with variegated blue fry or a mix?

    1. You will probably come out with some mix and some blue. I can’t predict how your guppies genes will be distributed.

  4. I wanted to let you know that this is a great site. I have raised some fry i have some that are 3 months old now and some just a few days old.
    Can the 3 month olds go in the tank with adults ? Are Lyretail guppies delicate because when i purchase them i bring home put in tank they do really good for days and then they die. I really like them and they are hard to find. Any advice and where to purchase them.

  5. Thanks!
    Now I know I have yellow Snakeskin and Spanish Dancer guppies!
    And some ‘dirtified’ yellow & black cobras too (hope I won’t variegate them).

    But, i have a question – quite recently, some of my young Spanish dancers aren’t red – but blue! Why does it happen? I noticed a strange thing because ALL sisters of male Spanish Dancers are ALWAYS blue! And here goes another questions: how can make their sisters – the females – red? Any breeding plans…? (To conclude, my Spanish dancers tend to go blue, and I need keep the reds!)

  6. Sorry if my previous comment was a bit rambling/chaotic…
    And sorry for spelling the forth ‘I’ with small-case… Ooops…

  7. Its such as you learn my thoughts! You seem to know a lot about this, such as you wrote the e-book in it or something. I think that you just could do with a few percent to force the message home a little bit, but other than that, that is great blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

  8. Loving the exclamation marks!!!!! You can never use too many!!!!! It makes it seem like you’re shouting your information at us!!!!! Keep up the awesome content!!! And never stop shouting!!!!!!!

  9. I got a hitchhiker guppy fry in a bag of plants from the LFS. Its starting to develop a pale, pastel aqua blue over its dorsal and caudal areas of its body, but the tailfin is becoming orange with little black dots. The weird thing is, I think its a female (it has a gravid spot) is it normal for females to get colour on the body this early? I think the fry is about 4 weeks old (1.5cm long not including tailfin).

  10. Hi there I have a beautiful male guppy…from what I’ve read on your page it seems to b a SnakeSkin…bt its a pastal yellow colour bt has these bright almost Neon yellow square across its body…he was my replacement male as I lost my Green Snakeshin…he just was not in my tank anymore…my buddy sez the aliens came to take him home lol.. It was that stunningly green… Bt please let me knw about the yellow I have, Thanx

  11. I have no idea what type of guppies I have still. He is a male and one tail is longer than the other. He tail fins are orange and the one on top of his head is yellow.

    1. Oh yeah and the other is a female and she has a redish body and a red tail. In the light she has red, blue, and white tail. Help me please!!

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  13. i’ve a female guppy with 7fries .the fries are at least one wk old.what name is given to a female guppy with a black body from the gravid patch to the tail’s tip with a curved line of green on the tail

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