Questions We Have Been Asked!!!

  1. Q: Can you have 2 guppies in a 2 gallon tank.

A: Yes the rule of thumb is 1 inch of fish per gallon but For Guppies you can have about 1 more than how many Gallons As long as you keep the tank clean!!!

2.  Q: How do Guppies Make Babies???

A: The male has an organ called the penis. It’s barely right below the tail. When they mate the mail has a tube come out of where his penis is and he puts it into the vagina. Then he Squirts sperms into the female. The sperm and the egg sex cells combine in the rectum and form a new cell. The baby forms and is surrounded or attached to this yolk which it feeds off of it until it is big enough to come out. That’s how guppies reproduce.

3. Do guppies lay eggs? and will the adult guppies eat them?

A: Guppies are live bearers and don’t lay eggs. so they adults wont eat them.

4. hi i had a pregnant guppies that was really fat and had the black spot so
i put her in a breeders tank waited and waited but nothing then she
started swimming on her side upside down and all sorts then sadly i lost
her but she had like orange little balls come out what was that and where
did the babies go

A. Doesn’t sound good. But i think if  those orange balls came out its because the babies failed to survive and they died. So your guppy could be sick and that is why the babies died. The orange balls were the spoiled yolk the babies would feed off of in the mothers stomach! So your guppy seems to be sick. Try the page on our blog on the disease page, and then find out if you can tell which one it is. And remember all those treatments are with home appliances so it is better to go to the store and find something to fix what ever it ends up being. If you can’t find out what disease this is then go to your local pet store so you can look for a medicine that would cure your guppies symptoms. So far the way you described it it sounds like air bladder disease or bloat! So if you can find out what disease this is then tell me if it’s not on my blog so i can add it on it. Thank you for asking me a question about your guppies i love to help. Thank you and good bye!

5. i just started to raise guppy’s i find it difficult to find which ones are about to give birth b/c some are black near the gravity spot… and can the fry from a dead fish still live if they are outside in the the water?

A. Hello thank you for your question. Well have an answer for you! Well to tell when your guppies are going to give birth is by the gravid spot. When the gravid spot starts turning pink. The more the pink the closer to giving birth. It’s opposite for albino guppies. So your wondering if a pregnant guppy dies will the babies still be able to survive? Well if that’s what you meant then the answer is that it depends how deep in it’s pregnancy the guppy is. To save the baby guppies you have to rub from the beginning of the stomach and down to the gravid spot and the babies will come out hopefully alive. But usally the babies haven’t survived for me when I attempted this but it does sometimes work if babies are well developed. Though if your guppy dies of sickness then the babies will probably die in the mothers stomach before the mother dies. Because if the mother is sick the babies will get sick. So I hope this helps and good luck with your guppies. Oh and would you mind sending me some pictures of your guppies and we can put them on our pictures and video’s page! Once again thank you and good luck!


13 thoughts on “Questions We Have Been Asked!!!

    1. It may have been more informative and helpful to explain and use the words, “gonopodium,” “anal fins,” “vent” and “gravid spot” in the answer to question #2, as these are commonly used words in the guppy enthusiast vocabulary.
      For example:
      Males are equipped with an organ referred to as the gonopodium, the fish equivalent of a penis. The gonopodium is located between the anal fins (the fins on each side of the anal area), slightly in front of the anus, which transfers sperm into the female’s vent (vaginal-anal area). The sperm gets combined with fertile eggs inside the female and the eggs start to mature. As the eggs mature inside the female, they are often visible in the gravid spot: the dark, sometimes black spot near the female’s vent. After 21-28 days (depending on several factors), the female’s abdominal area will look very bloated, and before birthing, she will typically have a “squared-off” appearance. The babies have matured, hatched from their egg sacs, while still inside the female’s body, and are then born live, hence the reason guppies are called “livebearers.”

  1. l have a guppy that just had 10 babies 3 days ago, but she’s definitely still pregnant. What should l do to help her deliver the rest of the fry and will they still be alive?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi I have 3 guppys and the 2 are doing awesome but the one is not doing good he is turning round and round and then stopping and laying down on a plant.What sould i do? I think he might of swallowed a rock or something.

    1. i had that too but i followed the procedure in the fun facts i putted 1 teaspoon of salt then i left one day ,when i came back it was awesomely energetic thanks for the procedure the friend did

  3. Where can I acquire these fancy tail shape guppies, these type from lyre tail, double sword, bottom sword, top sword, pin tail, spear tail, delta tail, and spade tail. So far I can not find any of these kind of guppies in my area. If you know where I an obtain some, let me know, you can email to me at or thanks.

  4. Hi i’m a kid and have been raising them for about two years, and I’ve put the female guppy had a very black gravid spot so I put her in a breeder box a couple of days have passed and she didn’t have the babies so I was thinking maybe she has to have like a leafy grass decoration in there to have them but days after that she still didn’t have them but when I put her back in the tank she had them and all the older guppies ate almost half of them, I was thinking what should I do next time??

  5. Hi, i have now 8 guppies (3 males). I saw that ven the girls bite the tale of one of the males (this one has a beautiful big tail). I already separate this male from the others but id like to have them together. What can i do? Thank you so much

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