Guppies With Other Fish!!!

Other fish with guppies it absolutely fine but some fish can get jealous. Well guppies like to show off their tail and sort of brag about it. So the other fish depending how aggressive it is, it may nibble of part of it’s tail. And usually it won’t grow back the same. Lot’s of people wonder if goldfish will eat their guppies. Gold fish could eat guppies if they grow enough. Like if you get a fancy gold fish and it grows big then possibly. The size that goldfish grow depends on how much room they have. Like if a goldfish lived in a 50 gallon tank then it would most likely grow much larger. But if it was in a little bowl it probably won’t grow as much. So most likely it won’t but anything can happen. So pretty much it depends on what size tank you have. Well anyway you could usually have guppies with other fish. Just so you know Goldfish can’t live with guppies because of their different water temperature requirements. Guppies can only live with other Tropical Freshwater Fish

Lots of people wonder if guppies can breed with other fish like gold fish or sword tails! Well the truth is they can’t. Guppies do not cross breed they can only breed with other guppies.


22 thoughts on “Guppies With Other Fish!!!

  1. Thanks for the info! i have a question though, is it true that tetras will nip at their tails more then other fish? When i was at the petstore, the fish department people told me that.

    1. Some tetras will nip on species with larger tails, Such as guppies and Betta’s, Usually it is the larger breeds of tetras that do this.

      1. it cant be true that guppies cant live with goldfish because i have goldfish and guppies in the same pond here and they are perfectly fine together.

  2. OH my god..

    You don’t put tropical fish with cold fish

    Also goldfish are very dirty and will make guppy ill

    Also goldfish will eat for sure the fry

      1. to whomwhatsover is fine,,
        i just got my goldfish ate one of my black solid guppies today and made me real depressed….
        i was just finished cleaning my fish tanks when one of them breaks and i have to mix my fishes altogether,
        thinking that goldfish is pretty peacefull herbivore, and mine was only 5cm estimate size…
        as i watch them get along peacefully and left, my father called me in panic not long afterwards and shows me the leftover of what i recall my solid black guppy….
        never! mix guppy-platy -mollies with goldfishes or other large glutton fish!

  3. when i placed my guppy in other fishes like koi and swordtails ,it does not made harm to my other fishes.but it mates with my female swordtail i wonder what is the result………?

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