Breeding, Reproduction And Care For Fry!!!

Breeding is easy but yet hard. All you need to do is get a boy and a girl guppy of course. If our going to have several guppies,then you don’t get the same amount of boys and girls.

It’s should be 2 females for every male. When your female guppy is pregnant you can’t tell by it’s size. You have to look at it’s gravid spot. Which is right behind their stomach and the tail. It’s right around the butt of the guppy. It takes about a month for the babies to be born. Plus you can not stress out your the pregnant fish.

Diagram of female guppy.

If you have a brownish or  other few colored skin girl Like this one for example that is brownish.You wait for the gravid spot to turn pink. The more pink the closer she is to giving birth.

But if you have a peach kind of color skin girl like this one. (not the bottom fish the top fish in the picture) You wait for the gravid spot to turn black. The more of it that is black the closer it is to giving birth.

So over all you just wait for the gravid spot the opposite color

(There are other colors too just wait for the gravid spot to turn the opposite color)


When guppies mate and the male desides to do the act. The male will chase a female around the tank and try to corner her and “show off” it’s like they are shivering and shaking their tail. Then once and if he gets her attention he tries to get the female to follow him and he keeps showing off until they do their “buisness”!

When they are born!!!

Some people put the pregnant female in a separate tank and put them back once they are born put the mother back into the other tank but keep the babies in the tank they were in. Another way is you just wait until the babies are born then you take the babies out and put them into another tank separate from the adults. Or if you don’t want to separate the fry from the adults then you can just heavly plant your tank with plants, that way the fry can hide in the tank. If you don’t keep the adults and the babies in a separate tank or give the fry a hiding spot, the bigger adult fish will eat them. So once they are born you need to get them away from the adults. But if you don’t happen to have a spare tank then you could just put plants in the tank. That way the babies will hide until the mother won’t reconize them as her own fry!

When you take care of the fry (the baby guppies) it’s not to much different from taking care of the adults. The only differences are that when you feed them you need to crumble the flakes so small so it’s like dust, but if you want to feed them live food brine shrimp is a perfect and healthy snack for the babies. You can buy a brine shrimp hatchary at your local pet store. Plus the fry can get sucked into the filter so you need some kind of fuzzy tissue to cover it. Or just ask the store if they have something to help prevent that. To speed up the growth of the fry you should keep the tank temperature at about 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also leave the adult guppies temperature to if you want production of the babies to speed up. That way you can get the babies to be born slightly faster. That’s pretty much all you need to know about breeding.


The male has an organ called the gonpodium. It’s just right below the tail. When they mate the mail has a tube come out of where his gonopodium is and he puts it into the females genital pore. Then he Squirts sperm packets into the female. The sperm and the egg sex cells combine in the rectum and form a new cell. The baby forms and is surrounded or attached to this youlk which it feeds off of it until it is big enough to come out. That’s how guppies reproduce.

This is a picture of guppies mating


66 thoughts on “Breeding, Reproduction And Care For Fry!!!

  1. Thanks for the pictures! Of all of the sites I have visited, your site is the only one with pictures of pregnant guppies. This helped so much. Thanks again!

  2. Wow it’s so nice to see a website that really does have EVERYTHING you need to know about guppies.
    I am just starting to raise guppies, I am getting them next week and I’m very excited!
    At first I was a little nervous because I really didn’t know how to raise them well but when I came across this website everything changed. I love how it includes pictures. Best guppy website. 🙂

  3. A miracle just happened that i wouldn’t think possible. My female guppy had 25 fries, but my male guppy died 25 days ago, and the female hasn’t come in contact with a male since then (she was alone in her tank).

    1. Females can have babies up to 6 months from their original encounter with a male! That’s what keeps their population up since in nature males can sometimes be hard to run across.

    1. use bluish medicine u will get in the pet shop they kill the fungi in the water,i dont know what the medicine’s name is…. But in bangalore,india they call it as or aqua care they cost abou 20-40 indian rupees put it in the water how much it is required

    1. It depends. colour doesn’t always help with the gender. look at the chart and compare it to your guppy. i hope that helps!

  4. This site is awesome! This was very helpful to me and my friend who really want to breed guppies. We are going get females soon so i hope everything goes well!

  5. I have been breeding guppies now for about 3 1/2 years and it the best hobby i could ever want, in that time i have created 2 of my very own strains, colors and designs that i wanted and with selective breeding i have done it, ive got some many more i want to make lol i got 10 fish tanks ive got that many guppies!

  6. My female guppy has a dark gravis spot which i noticed 3 weeks ago , but nothings happening. she dont look any fatter than she was ??

    1. they might not give birth to many fries then cos thats what happened to my guppy…most probably less than 30…I NEED HELP!2 of my guppies’ body r stuck together,which means under-developed…they r both alive and swims fast.Rather unfortunately<they do not surface to the water which means it is unhealthy… how can i help them pls?

  7. thx, i just want to know 1 thing, it has nothing to do with guppies but i really want to know, so here goes….
    can silver dollars go in a tank with a chinese algae eater?

  8. Hey! So I’m new to keeping fish… and decided to start with Guppies… I’ve done more then my fair amount of research and this was one of the best places to come to so thanks ^^

    I’ve got a question though. how long after the “black spot” on females changes colour will they give birth? I’m just curious as I would love to see it happen, plus to take the mom out of the breeding tank I’ve got set up 🙂

    Thanks for everything! Keep up the awesome work!

  9. So my freind boght guppies for his daughters, well u know how that turned out. So being overrun with them he brought me some. In the collection he brought was a fat female. I thought she was preg but that was 3 weeks ago. I would have thought she would have dropped. Could it be dropsy or the strees of moving. I have another tank thats 10 gallons should I set her up in there and get her away from the other fish (includes mollies and 1 goldfish in a 50 gallon)?

  10. Thanks VERY helpful! Yeah because I was wondering why the male has been chasing the females, I thought he was mean. .
    I have a question: I bought 2 females an 1 male last night, but this morning I noticed that both females have the black dots so? I don’t really know if there peganet?!

    1. Now she has got a lot fater???? My brother thinks I shouldn’t take the male out of the tank. Or anything out should I take any fish out????

  11. Heeelllpp!! This is my first time with a pregnat fish of any kind. I didn’t know she was pregant ontell a couple of days ago because she started to get really lagre and her belly was gitting really really red. So I looked online to see if that meant she was sick or something and I found out that it meant she was pregnat. I have never had a pregnat fish before and the more I look the less I know ever website says somethig diffrent. I don’t kmow how far alnog she is, or when she will give birth. I also have an Angelfish in the same tank, it’s just them, should I take the Angel out because she is starting to act strange. Also, I need to know how she got pregnat so I can possibly prevent it later. I’ve had her for a year and a half ow and this is the first time this has happened. I don’t have any males and have never bought a male guppy soooo how did she conceve.

  12. My guppy has a orange looking spot sometime it look pregrant then other times it dont how do I know for sure because the spot are not black.Also how can I tell how far long my guppy is in her pergrant stage.

  13. I comparable what you guys tend to be positive and. This type of talented perform and insurance coverage! Keep in the fantastic performs guys I’ve integrated you guys to blogroll.

  14. when do i take my mom fish away from the fry,this is the second time last time i did not nkow they where in there till i cleand the tank and then to do i got hame there is like 15 in there with the mom i seperated from the other female and a male guppies.

  15. my pregnant guppy is very fat and has pink gravid spot .
    and she is brownish colour .
    is shes near to give birth or the gravid spot needs to change to black in colour ?

  16. my pregnant guppy is very fat and has a pink gravid spot .
    is she near to give birth or the gravid spot has to change black in colour ?

    1. It depends on the colour of the guppies. If a silver guppy then HECK YEAH SHE’S PREGNANT but if pink then yes.

  17. thnk u so much for your help i hav baby fry, and they grew also tthe mommys wont eat there babys and the fathher wont either so thnks so much for your heelp my other female guppie is pregnant and iu know so thnks byeee!

  18. I have had 2 “litters” of guppies now, 26 total, from 2 separate females. Only 1 survived, and it is 3 1/2 weeks old. Why don’t they live? I had a breeder “cage” and the first batch died right after transferring to a different tank and the second slowly died one by one after transfer. I have 2 pregnant females now and intend on leaving them and the fry in the community tank this time.


  19. i have a few females that look like they ready to burst … if i see the frys eyes, how much longer till she gives birth

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    sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such
    detailed about my difficulty. You’re incredible! Thanks!

  22. Can you help me I have a question here it is I hqve 2 female gups in me tank and I think theybare pregrent and I have a rock they can swim in and out in and there is something white in it and it wont move help me please!!!!!

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  24. Wow! So helpful and I love it!!!!!!!! My male’s name is Sundance and my female’s name is Scarlett Tail. I also have a Cory Cat, a hatchet fish, a red tail shark, a Rummynose tetra, and two ghost shrimp.

  25. All my females r having all dead babys they act crazy and the baby’s some r half body’s some just a head y r they doing this ? And then they eat them like there starvef

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