New Design!

We updated to a more modern WordPress theme. The site should look a lot more modern and work better on mobile. Enjoy!


Spam Issue

I’m sorry if you have been leaving comments and they never get approved. 700 comments are put in my spam every week. I don’t have the time to go through all of them and approve every legitimate comment. It’s really annoying and i just wish I didn’t get so many spam comments. Just want to let you guys know that if you’re not seeing your comment(s) on this site it’s most likely fell into the spam.

What’s New?

Well it seems that none of you have noticed but we have had the News About Updates page up for a long time. And no one ever looks at it. Well let us tell you what it’s for. Okay if you ever were wondering if anything is new on our site then you should just check on that page. So just want to let everyone know that this page exsists. Oh but FWI this page hasn’t been up since we had the site but it is one of the first pages we have had. So anyway visit this page if you want!